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Travel: Hong Kong (A tale of two cities)

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I have recently moved to Hong Kong (2 months ago).  I have always liked this city as a tourist -  good food, good night life, good shopping.  What more is needed when visiting a city?  When I moved here though, I was a bit concerned about the hecticness of the place.  I never understood the term "teeming masses" until I came out to Asia. Hong Kong redefined that for me with a landmass of 1000 km2 and a population of 7 million (the entire population of Austria is 7 million).  There are places to relax though.  Bars and restaurants with amazing views, far from the maddening crowds, as well as water and jungle on the South side.  Enjoy the pictures below! This is my last post from this side of the world.  I am off to Peru tomorrow (it will take me three days to get there!)  So  my next post will be from Cusco!

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