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Decor: Terada Mokei Coasters

Decor:  Terada Mokei Coasters
My boyfriend suffers from a severe case of OCD.  My nickname on the other hand is "Hurricane Sasha."  So you can imagine how it goes. "Why are there so many handbags out?  Why are your keys in the fridge?  Do you want me to tidy your desk for you?  Put your shoes back in the shoe cupboard!  Use the coasters!  Use the Coasters!!  USE THE COASTERS!"  You would think that the reason for his focus on coasters springs from the fact that we have a Louis XIV antique as a coffee table.  But no.. our coffee table is Ikea. So here we are to discuss The Coaster.  I understand the theory of why they are good to use. In practice however I am just not programmed to reach for a coaster every time I have a glass, mug, or water bottle in my hand.  I thought that a good way to increase the likeliness of me using coasters would be if I could find some beautiful ones that I would find pleasure in looking at, as opposed to those horrible cardboard ones.  I found some really beautiful ones by Terada Mokei.  Hopefully this will increase my coaster usage.  (And protect that much loved Ikea coffee table).


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