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Callixto [kal liks toh]
(noun) - derived from Greek καλλιστος meaning 'most beautiful'
Callixto is an online boutique dedicated to bringing together unique pieces of jewllery and other accessories from far-flung places, with a focus on originality, craftsmanship and beauty. Set up by Sasha Dennig, Callixto represents her love of travel, jewellery and all of the treasures and trinkets she finds wherever she goes.
Half Austrian, half Chinese, Sasha Dennig was raised and educated in Paraguay, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. Her parent’s love of adventure exposed her to different countries and cultures at an early age, and that journey of exploration has continued throughout her life. Whenever Sasha would travel, she would gravitate towards the markets, shops and stalls selling local crafts, amazed at the quality of workmanship. As she continued to travel and discover new places across the globe, she realized that true craftsmanship and great design, although hard to find, was everywhere. Distant and diverse cultures and communities all had original, unique and incomparable touches of design, creativity and artistic composition and invention. Beautiful and charming objects could be found in the smallest villages in the middle of nowhere, not just on Bond Street or Rue St. Honore. Furthermore, there was the sense of history, as she discovered first hand, how in some communities, the tradition of craftsmanship was centuries old, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation.
Callixto is Sasha Dennig’s attempt of bringing these unknown and often unnamed artisans, jewelers, weavers and carvers from all over the world together, into one place for you to enjoy.