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Travel Guide: Punta del Este

Travel Guide:  Punta del Este

Punta del Este is called the South American Riviera.   Personally I dont think it can compete with the French Riviera but it does have its own charm.  Good food, great weather, a thriving night life and more good looking people per square meter than you have seen anywhere else in the world.  Find below a couple of tips on what to do and where to go.


Bikini Beach  - is still a good beach to go to.  Crowded with posers this is a great place to people watch and get a general feel of Punta.  Get there before 5 pm if you want to get a spot for your towel and your cooler as you will be sharing the space with probably 50,000 other people!

Jose Ignacio - the beautiful people have migrated to the beach in Jose Ignacio.   A bit of a drive from Punta del Este but well worth the trip for not only the beach but the restaurants and cute fishing village.


La Huella in Jose Ignacio - good food, great decor and beautiful people.  What else can one ask for?  Call ahead to book as it gets very busy.

No Me Olvides - cute little pizza place in Manantiales near Bikini Beach where you can grab something to eat before or after the beach.  The fish of the day is also great.  

Fish Market -  also in Manantiales.  Serves great fish and seafood dishes.  Nice for dinner

Sipan - expensive but worth it if you like Peruvian food.  The ceviches are to die for. Only open for dinner

Medialunas Calentitas - A little bakery that serves a type of croissant that for some secret reason tastes like nothing you have ever had.  Delicious.  Stop by to grab a dozen on your way back from from the beach or when you are heading home after a night out.

Rex - Self-styled as the best place in town to have Chivitos (a type of steak sandwich). Try the "liquado de durazno and naranja" (peach and orange smoothie)while you are at it.

Nightlife The nightlife in Punta is all located in La Barra and starts incredibly late.  Dont even bother leaving your house before 1 am unless you want to be the only person in the bar having a drink.  Walk down the main strip to find bars after bars ending  with Tequila, the only nightclub in town worthy of the name.


Plaza de los Hippies - situated on the famous Gorlero Road, this is one of the few attractions the Punta still has left.  Most other things have moved to La Barra or to Jose Ignacio but the Plaza de los Hippies remains.  A market filled with locally made things this is the place to find silver jewellery and other handicrafts made of leather.

Doma - if you are looking for good leather jackets look no further than Doma.  Beautifully made and well priced this shop in La Barra will fulfil your leather needs.

Kosiuko - Also located in the La Barra this Argentine brand will fill any gaps your summer wardrobe might have.  From bikinis to summer dresses you will look stylish in that Argentine way.

Sisters Solnicki - if you are looking for evening dresses and party clothes and have money to splurge this is where your needs will be met.  Located in Manantiales.

Bikini Beach


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