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Travel: La Estancia

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My brother in law asked me to look for a crocodile skin wallet while in South America, thinking they would be cheaper/nicer than the ones he could find in Hong Kong.  After some searching and no finding I asked my mother if she had any suggestions on where I could find said item. Her Response: "Nothing comes to mind, but you know what,  Paraguay is full of jacarés (the local caiman variety), there might even be some in your father's estancia (paraguayan term for farm).  We can call the capatáz (manager) and see if we can have one killed, skinned and cured, and then you can have a wallet or whatever you want made.. or.. take the skin with you to Hong Kong and have something made there.  And if there are no jacarés at your fathers Estancia, there will be some in somebody's Estancia.  It is just a question of asking." My Response: "Mother, if you honestly think that is a reasonable response to  my question than you must be suffering from heat stroke or have lost all your marbles.  I am not going to send a person to kill a crocodile or alligator of any kind and then be sent to jail for trafficking in exotic skins, all for a simple wallet.  I am all for DIY but that is taking it too far." I went to my father's Estancia, but not for the jacaré.  We went for the big open spaces so typical of this part of South America, with not one person in sight for miles, great views and some horseback riding.


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