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Decor: El Ekeko

Decor:  El Ekeko

The Ekeko is the Tiwanakan god of abundance and prosperity in the mythology and folklore of the Andes.  My mother was given one years and years ago when I was a child and I have seen this strange doll sit in my house smoking a cigarette every Wednesday and Saturday. The Peruvians and Bolivians believe that you enhance your own prosperity and wealth by giving the Ekeko a cigarette to smoke, and my mother will swear on the fact that she was given her Ekeko in a time of financial distress and that in a matter of months things turned around for her.  Ever since she will not be parted from her doll and even has a small travelling Ekeko that she takes with her whereever she goes.  The only hang up is that you cannot buy the Ekeko yourself.  For it to work properly it has to be given to you as a gift.  I have bought 6 for Callixto. If any of you have any friends in need this might be the perfect gift.. you never know what could help!


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