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Art: How I met Mr Brainwash

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It happened like this.  Last weekend I was at a party, that, shock-horror only served Moet.  Now the people that know me, know that no way can I party on Moet, as I am one of the few girls on the planet that does not like champagne.  So I galvanised my friend Whitney to get our driver to go to a 7/11 to buy us some vodka.  Said driver sped of into the wilds of Sai Kung and came back with 3 bottles of King Robert vodka.  Yes  I know.  King Robert vodka?  Surely the Moet is better than that.  Well in my view it is not.  So we buried the vodka bottles into our bags and smuggled them into the party.  And there was Mr Brainwash, a friend of Whitney's, who must have appreciated our efforts in the vodka department, as at 5 in the morning, 4 bottles later, he shouted across the dance floor; "I will come visit you at your shop!  Maybe I can do something for you!"  And so he did.  And I have promised myself that from now on I too will follow through on promises given at 5 am in the morning!           

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  • Nic

    thats just brilliant!

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