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Packing for Miami

Packing for Miami
I over pack.   It doesn't matter if I go away for 2 days or 10.  I always have too much stuff with me.  I start off with good intentions, count out the days, pack an outfit  a day and think, "this is good, this will work."  I then get a a panic attack.  What if the weather changes?  What if I spill red wine on my outfit in the middle of the day and have to change into something else? What if somebody vomits on me (highly unlikely I know). What if I am asked to go somewhere where I need to dress up?  Etc, etc, and next thing you know my suitcase is full to bursting and I have WAY to much clothes and accessories with me.   True story, when I went backpacking through South East Asia when I was 25 I took a pair of heels (just in case you know?).  I did not take any accessories, but on the first day in Bangkok I went to buy myself 3 necklaces because I was really not liking the backpacker look I had going.  Good intentions be damned. Am off to Miami and Mexico tomorrow where I will be doing everything from attending a wedding to sourcing to scuba diving.  Here are some pictures of my first edit.  Can't decide on the shoes yet ;o(.

Peter Pilotto skirt, We Are Handsome swimsuit, Sandro top, Zara denim shirt, Zara leather shorts, Lambert necklace available on Callixto, Bimba & Lola necklace, Peruvian necklace, Callixto bracelets and rings.



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