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Art: Richard Burlet

Art: Richard Burlet
I am Austrian and a girl, so it is pretty much a given that I would like Klimt.  The first exhibition I ever went to was a retrospective of Schiele, the second exhibition was the permanent collection at the Belvedere in Vienna which is where most of Klimt's work is housed.  It is amazing how years later those first two experiences still dictate, to a certain degree my taste.  When I came across Richard Burlet's work in a gallery in St Paul de Vence, I could not help myself.  Like a moth to a flame I gravitated to these paintings, the teenage part of myself clapping my hands in delight.  Who was this artist who captured the beauty, and essence of Klimt so well? Richard Burlet is his names and seeing as I will never be able to afford a Klimt (who has 100 million lying around after all), I am thinking one of the below paintings is as close as I am going to get.  Just need some more wall space now.

     RB6 RB7 RB9  RB15 Burlet Toscane 120x60 cm      



Love it! Which gallery was this?

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