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Callixto Style: Matchy Matchy

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Remember your grandmother and how her shoes and bags always matched?  Remember her twin sets?  Well the time has come to embrace the matchy matchy look again.  More and more I have seen matching tops and bottoms for sale and I finally decided to take the plunge.  I bought this outfit in Bangkok at the Platinum Mall and it cost me all of $30.  Not to be outdone by my clothes, I matched the jewellery as well.  Matching earrings and ring.  Why not? The olive leaves earrings and rings will be all online later today.  Stay tuned.  If you want to see it all live, head to Edit on 67 Hollywood Road.

Callixto Leaf earrings, Garrett Leight sunglasses, Bimba & Lola necklace, Callixto Python bag,  Callixto Olive Branch braceletCallixto Leaf ring, Callixto 2 Stone ring, Callixto Olive leaf ring,  Amethyst Stripe ring 

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