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Photography: Looking up in Hong Kong

Photography:  Looking up in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is such a hectic city.  Everybody is constantly running around from one appointment to another and I very rarely take in my surroundings as a result.  What I absolutely never do is look up.  I always thought there would be nothing to see if I looked up.  Pollution ensures that there is very rarely a blue sky.  There are no surrounding mountains like there are in Austria.  Buildings are not exactly noteworthy either.  Photographer Jacquet-Lagreze has proven to me that I could not be more wrong.  There are amazing things to see when looking up in Hong Kong.  If you want to see the photographs in the flesh head over to the Dark Side to Hotel Panorama, 8A Hart Avenue.  Click here for the exact details.   For those of you living in Hong Kong who wont be able to make it, remember to look up every once in a while.  This city might still surprise you.



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