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Photography: Murad Osmann's Follow Me

Photography:  Murad Osmann's Follow Me
The pictures below are from photographer Murad Osman and are all from his Instagram account (which you should follow).  They remind me of my husband and I.  I suffer from an acute case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  There are always more places to go, more things to see, and when travelling I always insist on seeing that last alley down the road, just in case there is a hidden treasure that we will miss if we dont.  I feel that my life will somehow not be fully lived if I do not experience absolutely everything on offer.  My husband is a much more settled person, and he knows that life as we know it will not end if we do not see every last church in Italy or go to every single party we have been invited to.  Nevertheless, for me, he will drudge through the alleys, and in Turkey he even got into that hot air balloon although he did not want to.  (Since the balloon accident happened in Luxor he has very firmly told me that ballooning was no longer on the menu.  I had done it once and that was enough). MO2Mo6


Kamyar Ebrahimi


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