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Travel: Treasure Hunting Ceramics In Japan

Travel:  Treasure Hunting Ceramics In Japan

So somewhere in the ass end of nowhere in Japan there is a factory called Kouraku Kiln that has been producing ceramics for 150 years.  They have an enormous warehouse full of stuff that has not been sold over the years.  And when I say years I really mean a century.  Apparently this warehouse of unsold goodies is so vast that the factory employees use bicycles to get around it.  They have now opened said warehouse to the public and for a fee you get to go in there for 90 minutes with a basket and a flashlight. You can take home everything that fits in the basket.  The fee ranges from 50 to 100USD.  The 100USD package gives you access to the more "special" part of the warehouse.  Also they only allow 10 people in a day.  I mean.  I think I would die of heart palpitations.  What can be done in 90 minutes!  I would need at a minimum 3-4 hours there, preferably a whole day. The basket also better be pretty big.   But who is with me? This needs to be done.  Maybe we can get 10 people together and ask them to allow us in there for the whole day?  Am sweating just thinking about it.  

Below the details of who to call to make an appointment and where to go.  English speaking staff apparently available.   

Kouraku Kiln
Tel: 090-8351-4121 or 0955-42-4121
2512 Maruo, Arita, Saga
A 5-min bus ride and a 3-min walk from Arita Station

Treasure hunting from flor on Vimeo.

All pictures via This is Colossal 




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