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Travel: The Amazon

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Although I have travelled Brazil extensively, and have been to Peru I have never managed to get myself to the Amazon.  Yellow fever shots seem to be the main culprit, as I never seemed to have been adequately inoculated while traipsing through the region. Two years ago my mother entered the Peruvian Amazon to partake in some Ayahuasca.  It is a sad day indeed when your 60 year old mother proves to me more adventures than you. Particularly as she had no yellow fever shots and had just recovered from a bout of dengue fever.  Wuss I thought to myself.  Ever since then I  have been keeping an eye on all things Amazon travel.  I recently came across this company called Aqua Expeditions, which have these kick-ass boats that go down the Amazon from the Peruvian side.  Talk about pimp. I have never seen anything as cool or luxurious.   Not quite as adventurous as hanging in a hut with a shaman and hallucinating I grant you, but maybe I could enter the Amazon in style first and THEN get off to have some crazy ass shaman experience.  Or maybe I could just stay on this amazing boat and let my mother take all the glory.  Being eaten alive by mosquito bites is highly over-rated anyway. AMa2 AMa3AMa5AMa7 Ama8 AMa9 AMa10Ama13 Ama14 Ama15 Ama16 Ama17 Ama18 Ama19 Ama20

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