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Travel: Mongolia

Travel: Mongolia
I am heading to Mongolia on Friday and I CANNOT WAIT.  We are going to stay in a Ger (a Mongolian Yurt), we are going to watch the Naadam Festival, we are going to trek, we are going to ride horses, probably drink some yak milk and pretend for 2 weeks that we are part Genghis Kahn's Horde (not really but you know what I mean.) My husband has been going crazy for the last couple of days buying all sorts of outdoor equipement that we might or might not need. Flashlight? Check.  Organic bug repellant? Check.  Travel sized washing detergent?  Check.  Dry Fit everything?  Check.  Imodium?  Check.  I hope my pictures are as good as the ones below I found on the net.  And I also hope I wont be needing the Imodium. I am not sure I will be finding any jewellery over there, but I will keep my eyes peeled.  You never know..




Apparently there are some beautiful pieces of jewelry and gorgeous fabrics, I will totally be on the hunt with you and am so looking forward to this trip as well!! These are awesome pics but were going to take even cooler ones!!! woohoo! few more days!! xoxoxo

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