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Travel Guide: Athens

Travel Guide: Athens

Athens in my opinion is the exact opposite of Paris.  Who has not come back from Paris thinking to them themselves, what a beautiful city but how arrogant are the French?   Athens is the exact oposite.  Not the most visually stunning place I have been too (although the Acropolis is breath taking), but the Athenians themselves must be the nicest people on the planet.  I have travelled far and wide, and have been the recipient of much undeserved help and hospitality.  Never so much so than in Athens. When I say nice I mean; taxi drivers letting you hitch a ride with another passenger because you are going in the same direction; friends of friends who have never met you before taking you out and showing you a good time, till 4 o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday;  suppliers and designers calling around so you can meet as many people as possible while you are there; waitresses giving you free bottles of water for no reason whatsoever;  and the list goes on.. For all of you who have never been, forget what you read in the newspapers, put Athens, and Greece in general, on your next destination list and give the Greeks a hand.  You will not be disappointed.  And also did I mention that the night life is pretty awesome?  See below a little Nightlife Guide.


Malconi's - Patriarchou Ioakim 43 Kolonaki - Trendy Italian restaurant with a nice summer  garden in the back.

Oikeio - Ploutarchou 15  Kolonaki- Quaint little Greek bistro serving traditional Greek dishes. Cinco - Skoufa 52 Kolonaki- Cool tapas hangout and bar which is heaving every night of the week including Monday. 

Osterman - Plateia Ag.Eirinis 1 - French style bistro with a hipster crowd.


Rock n roll -14 Filikis Etairias, Kolonaki Sqaure - Live music joint which was packed till late even on a Tuesday night.  The live band was good too.  

Gazi - Athen's version of the Meat Packing District.  Filled with bars, restaurants, clubs etc.  You will find whatever it is you are looking for here.

Pixi Club - 11 Evmolpidon Street - Minimalist decor, good electro music, good looking Athenians. What more do you need?



These shots is truly amazing, I loved them. I’ve always wanted to visit Athens, still hoping that one day I may have the chance to go there and feel and see the wonderful things in Athens and not just in photos or videos anymore. If you are looking for a travel inspiration, has everything you need to know. Travel ideas, Events, guides, what to do, where to go in Athens. Great guide by the way.

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