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Travel: Galle, Sri Lanka

Travel:  Galle, Sri Lanka

I went to Sri Lanka last week for a wedding.  It involved two hideous 5 hour red-eyes in a 3 day period and a good wallop of guilt, as we left the kids at home, but it was worth it.  Not only because I got 3 nights of uninterrupted deep sleep (helped by the copious amounts of alcohol ingested) but also because Sri Lanka.. What a revelation! We went to a place called Galle, which is part city/fort built by the Portuguese and Dutch during the colonial period.  A Unesco heritage site, it is incredibly cute with a very nice pedestrian zone to walk around in and see the sites.  Quaint hotels, shops and restaurants.  And the food!  I am married to an Indian, but I had to admit to him I found Sri Lankan food to be better. (He threatened divorce when that sentence passed my lips.) So if you have been thinking of going to Sri Lanka, from what I have seen, it is absolutely worth the trip!


Fort Bazaar - We stayed here, it was very reasonably priced and very cute.  Blog post re Hotel coming up next!

Fort Hotel - Next door and equally cute but with a pool.. Which is a very big plus. 

Amangalla - It's an Aman, enough said.  


Galle Things Roti - Very good.  Not too spicy for non-indians like me.  Fluffy roti, what more can you ask for.  

Fort Bazaar - Amazing Hoppers (Sri Lankan dhosa/crepe) for breakfast.  

Amangalla - I had a very Sri Lankan roast chicken dish which was excellent.  


Spa Ceylon - Very nice spa and bathroom products.  Cute packaging, nice scents, great for gifts.  I bought myself a pre-party rejuvenating face-mask which did the job quite well!

Barefoot - Cute home decor and knickknack shop.  

Om (as in the sign) - more sophisticated home decor shop.  The kind of place you would find in Bali.  A friend of ours even bought himself a statue there! 

Lose Stones - Sri Lanka is known for semi-precious stones and rubies.  We sadly did not have the time to investigate this avenue properly, but I know from friends that they have gotten some very nice stones, very well priced which they then made into jewellery back home. 


While in Sri Lanka, if you have a chance to see or stay at a Geofrrey Bawa hotel or house. Do not hesitate.  They look amazing.  


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