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Travel Accessories: Steamline Luggage

Travel Accessories: Steamline Luggage
For the longest time I had a Tumi suitcase.  You know the one - black and boring.  Every time I waited by the baggage reclaim belt and saw black suitcase after black suitcase pass me by I saw scenes of the movie Frantic playing out in my head (of me picking up a black Tumi suitcase thinking it was mine - and ending up with one belonging to a drug dealer or spy and having to run for my life all because of mistaken Tumi identity). I have been looking for quite some time for luggage that was stylish and cool.. and eventually found  Globetrotter Luggage. Hurrah I thought! Finally I will have beautiful luggage!  Well, at GBP 1000 per bag that was clearly not going to happen But then I found.. Steamline Luggage.  At EURO 200 thats cheap as chips.. I have bought a carry-on and I have to say, although not practical they are beautiful and I get stopped all the time by people asking me where I got it.  Check them out....




Can you explain why they are not practical?


Hello Christian. The steamline carry-ons are not practical in the sense that they have no side pockets to stuff things in if you cant be bothered to open it. Also if you actually want to open it mid-flight to get something out you have to lie it out flat, undo, undo the buckles and open up the lock.. no quick and easy way of doing that.. But they make up for it in cool.. you should get one!

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