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I love to travel, but the one thing I do not like is the restricted wardrobe one has when on the road.  I am not a light traveler by any means, but nevertheless I never seem to pack the correct amount of things and am constantly lamenting about something that I left behind.  After two months on the road my longing for my closest was growing by the day.  I am now finally at home and I have to say I am not as thrilled as I should be.  I dont know if it is because of all the Mantas I saw in Peru or the Uzbek Ikat I saw in Istanbul, but I am all about the tribal look at the moment.  My closet, although vast, is seriously lacking on the tribal front.  One measly pair of trousers and a top.  This has to be remedied....

Vans Sneaks and Isabel Marant Jeans

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