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Cappadoccia and a Hot Air Balloon

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As far as the proverbial "Things to do before I die" list goes, flying in a Hot Air Balloon was never on my list.  I have recently done it though and I can highly recommend it.  The thing that astonished me most was the sound of silence.  I currently live in Hong Kong and there is never ever really a moment which is devoid of noise.  I have lived in the countryside near forests and forests are never silent.   I also grew up on the Tropic of Capricorn and I can attest to the fact that a city like Hong Kong has got nothing on the noise that a jungle can make, especially at night. When in a Hot Air Balloon, there are pockets of real silence every now and then, interrupted by the flair of fire.  The ascension is smooth and the higher you go the quieter it becomes until you reach this spot where you feel like you must be in a bubble, because there is no noise.  I was probably lucky that the group I was with was not a chatty bunch, and were quiet for most the ride.. The absolutely unbelievable views of Cappadoccia also helped the overall experience.  So put it on the bucket list - Hot Air Balloon in Cappadoccia.  It has to be done once in your life. 

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