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Art: Henrique Oliveira

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For most people the most memorable thing about Angkor is not the impressive grandeur of Angkor Wat, but Ta Prohm, the Jungle Temple.  The display of nature overpowering a man made structure so completely is something that is hard to forget. Henrique Oliveira's work, especially his installation pictured below called Casa dos Leões is similar.  One has the feeling that the house is being swallowed up by the a wooden tree. The amorphous shape of the wooden structure is the exact oposite of the clean lines of the house and you realize how at odds man and nature really are.  There we are trying to tame our environment, using concrete to pave our way through this planet.. but in the end, when we are no longer there to cut the weeds, nature will have the last laugh.. Like it did in Ta Prohm.

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