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Callixto Style: Brogues

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The first gift I ever gave my husband (as in ever, when we first started dating) were a pair of beautiful cherry red brogues I bought for him in Argentina.  Not being wise to my ways yet he REJECTED them by saying they were not really his thing, too Euro you know, and I should give them to one of my brothers.  What followed was what we now call "Shoegate" (thus named after Watergate) because I lost my ever freaking mind and went into full nuclear attack on him.  Poor man.  Recently he has displayed interest in this type of shoe and asked me for advice.  I said " Hmm not sure its really your thing, too Euro you know, I don't think you can pull them off, and anyway, I haven't seen anything recently."  I then promptly went to buy myself a pair. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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