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Photography: David Oliete and the Concurs de Castells

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This earth is a weird and wonderful place. Somewhere in Spain (Tarragona to be exact) there is a competition where the object is to build the highest human tower.  Some of them go up to ten people high.  This is a "team sport" of a pretty big magnitude as not only does it require the people to make the tower, but hundreds of people are needed to create a strong base as well as a human net to catch anybody who falls.  Photographer David Oliete has documented this phenomenon (not sure what else to call it) and the results are amazing.  I almost cried when I saw the short movie.  What a random yet wonderful competition.  Am a bit worried about those kids though. So if you are in the are in October, see if you can go watch this!  Should be exciting!



All pictures via Yatzer 

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