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Callixto Style: The Huipil

Callixto Style:  The Huipil
The huipil is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico.  I bought a bunch when I was in Oaxaca last November, and I have to say they are the coolest thing.  The indigenous communities in Central Mexico and Central America are so colourful and while in Oaxaca I went a little crazy with all the colours on display.  Once I arrived back in Hong Kong though it was cold and grey and I thought to myself, where will I where this?  They look great while sipping a coffee in a courtyard in Oaxaca, but maybe I will look a bit too Pocahontas while dining in Hong Kong?  Well I paired it with a pair of leather leggings and python shoes.  Not half bad I think.  And I haven't yet gotten a single Pocahontas comment.  If you want to a little travel guide for Oaxaca click here.       
Clothes: Huipil from Oaxaca,Leggings from Zara, Proenza Schouler shoes
Jewellery: Callixto Wheel of Fortune Necklace, Habanico Earrings, Warrior Ring, Skull ring and Elephant ring available at Edit 


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