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Callixto Collection: Pre-colombian Jewellery

Callixto Collection:  Pre-colombian Jewellery

The first time I became conscious of History, the concept that there was something that came before me and my existence, and that the place where I know stood was a result of thousands of events that came before, I was 12 years old.  My mother had taken me to the Sevilla World Expo and one of the exhibits was called "Gold of America."  I was living in Paraguay at the time and I still had a very strong sense of who I was and where I belonged.  Paraguayan first, South American second. Austrian and Chinese did not factor at all in my equation back then.   I walked around this exhibition looking at these amazing artifacts, all in 24 karat gold, and very studiously read ever single description (I was a precocious little shit).  As I walked around this exhibit I grew more and more indignant. Most of the artifacts were all on loan from the Vatican and Spanish museums, and I felt very strongly in that moment that it belonged to "us" south americans.  When I asked my mother about this she explained that the Spanish and the Vatican had taken it many many years ago and were not giving it back.  I, of course wanted to know when exactly this had happened, and why and how, and where, and how come.  My mother tried the best she could, and the gaps were then filled in at home with Encarta and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Ever since then I have had a thing for pre-colombian art.  When I went to Peru a couple of years ago I thought it was going to be awash with jewellery inspired by pre-colombian Incan art.  If I were Peruvian that is where I would find inspiration.  Sadly I was mistaken and it has taken me three years to finally find what I was looking for.  I found it in Mexico, but the producer is Colombian.  So Colombia, I will be coming your way soon..Click here to see the whole collection. 


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