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Travel: Penang - Street food capital of Asia

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I went to Penang over the weekend where I had the most amazing street food.  Our guide Robyn Eckhardt weaved through the narrow streets of Penang with us and pointed out where to get the best of the best.  Among the highlights were some very fluffy Dhosas, Mee Curry, Laksa, Chee Cheung Fan, and Curry puffs.  We started our tour at 9.30 and ate our way through town until 1pm, after which we rolled ourselves back to our gorgeous black and white boutique hotel, Clove Hall for some downtown time to aid digestion.  The next day after nursing a pretty big hangover after a night out at the local club called Storm, we went to an amazing cooking class where we learned to make Nyonya Chicken Curry among other things. So yes, we ate ALOT Here is a little guide for the foodies among you are going to Penang:

Hotel - Clove Hall  - cute boutique hotel in a classic black and white house.

Food Guide - Robyn Eckhardt - check out her website here.

Best Restaurant

 7 Terraces  - Gorgeous setting, incredible food.

Nyonya Cooking Classes

Pearly Kee learnt cooking from a young age and makes it all look so easy.  Her cooking book is great as well.



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  • Robyn

    Hey — this was unexpected. Thank you! Glad I could feed you well.
    Happy travels,

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