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Food: Gluten Free, Dairy Free Desserts

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I am on this health kick at the moment and I am trying to be both gluten-free and vegan. It is miserable, let me tell you, and I have no idea how people live like this year round. Initially I thought, how bad can it be?  It's bad, very bad.  If you cut out all meats, cheese, eggs, and gluten products all you are really left with is broccoli and its cousins.  The first restaurant meal went something like this:  Starters: salad - check.  Main:  disappointing options, nothing that looks that appealing but I will make up for it in the desert section.   Desert:  after some in-depth perusal of the desert options I realised that ALL the options had either egg or dairy or gluten.  I mean seriously? I give up on the juicy steak only to realise that there is NOTHING on the desert menu I can have?  My meal up to this point as consisted of some leaves and some vegetarian risotto.  Vegetarian risotto.  Is there a point to that dish?  And now when I am finally ready for the grand finally its a big fat nothing?  How am I going to live like this for 2 months?    I realised I would have to take matters into my own hands and after some research on the net here are some things I found.  They don't look half bad.  Although I am not sure this will be enough to get me through the next two months.

Gluten-free dairy-free Cookies  

Click here for the recipe

Chocolate Pudding

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Click here for the recipe

Avocado Chocolate Mousse Cake

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