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Art: Gigi Bon and her Cabinet of Marvels

Art: Gigi Bon and her Cabinet of Marvels

We stumbled upon Gigi's Studio D'Arte Mirabilia by accident trying to find our way to Palazzo Grassi in Venice.  Nestled near Casanova's house and the Montenegro Pavillion this studio had us all umming and ahhing at all the beautiful things found in this treasure trove.  We had the luck to encounter the artist Gigi Bon herself and asked her a couple of questions on her art.  When asked why the Rhino featured so heavily in her art she said that she considered it a form of self portrait.  Gigi is one of the few true Venetians left.  Their numbers have dwindled to 90,000 and their way of live is threatened by tourism and modernity, their beautiful city threatened by the environmental hazard of sea levels rising.  So like the Rhinos, the Venetians are a dying breed.  Gigi draws most of her inspirations for her paintings and objets d'art from Venice of course, and her vision of her beloved city is magical. To visit make sure to make an appointment as the Studio is not open ever day.  For more details on the Studio and on Gigi and her Art check out her website here.




semplicemente fantastici!

Maria Ester Nichele

Le opere sono bellissime nello studio Mirabilia di Gigi Bon! Sia gli originalissimi quadri, che i rinoceronti. Complimenti!
maria ester

Gigi Bon

Grazie sono felice che il mio studio Mirabilia vi sia piaciuto!!
Ho provato a mandare foto quadri … ma email Saha doesn’t work!!!
Please send me a email If you still want have the info
Thanks a lot
Gigi Bon

Angela Baciu

Un loc de o frumusete rara…complimenti!!!!!!

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