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Photography: The Sky by Carolyn Marks Blackood

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The Rugby 7s is upon us here in Hong Kong, and as a small calm before the stom, before the mayhem begins, have a look at these incredible photos of the sky by Carolyn Marks Blackwood.  The photographs have a strong painterly quality which remind me of both Monet and Rothko, with Turner thrown in there for the stormier pictures.  Who would have thought that those three could ever appear in the same sentence.   It goes to show that some things are universal and transcendental.

   CarolynMarksBlackwood5 CarolynMarksBlackwood6  CarolynMarksBlackwood8 CarolynMarksBlackwood9 CarolynMarksBlackwood10 CarolynMarksBlackwood11   CarolynMarksBlackwood15

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