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Photography: Underwater Nuclear Bomb Test

Photography:  Underwater Nuclear Bomb Test
What you see in these pictures are images of the a 23-kilotun nuke called Baker which was blasted at about 90 feet underwater as part of the US nuclear weapon tests known as Operation Crossroads in 1946.  The blast lifted two million tons of water and sand into the air, creating a column 6,000 feet tall, 2,000 feet wide, and with walls 300 feet thick. God know what kind of devastation was wreaked on the ocean.  This is after four other nuclear bombs had been detonated, Trinity, Little Boy (Hiroshima), Fat Man (Nagasaki) and Crossroads Able.  They knew the devastation these bombs caused. How could they keep going?   And how come they did not stop after this? If you want to read more about Operation Crossroads click here to read the Wiki article.

   operationcrossroadsbaker4  operationcrossroadsbaker6

 All pictures via Petapixel


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