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Art: Darkened Cities

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Although I essentially grew up in the country, I am a city girl, through and through.  There is one thing that no city can offer you though, and that is a starry sky.  Although I was never that enthusiastic about going to my father's farm in Paraguay, there was one thing I always loved, and that was the sky at night. In his project called Darken Cities, Thierry Cohen has tried to imagine what urban landscapes would look like  if we turned out all of the lights.  He travels to places free from light pollution and captures the skies that rotate on the same axis as the urban skylines. Those same skies that were at some point visible above the cities are then superimposed into the darkened cityscapes. The results are amazing.

   Rio de Janeiro 22° 56’ 42’’ S 2011-06-04 lst 12:34   Tokyo 35° 41’ 36’’ N 2011-11-16 lst 23:16

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