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Callixto Style: Flowers and Skulls

Callixto Style:  Flowers and Skulls
I spent my first Halloween in New York a couple of weeks ago.  I love a good fancy dress party as much as the next person, but man, the Americans take it to another level.  I went costume shopping in NYC, and I have been to nightclubs that had less people then some of these costume shops.  We ended up going dressed as Dia de los Muertos and ever since then I have been all about the Frida Kahlo look (minus the unibrow).  I will post pictures of our Halloween costume in the next post.

Zara Flower sweater, Opening Ceremony Raffia skirt, J.Crew Glitter heels, Callixto Black Skull bracelet, Alexander McQueen Skull and Leather bracelet, Callixto Ruby Siam ring, Callixto Onyx Ottoman cuff , Callixto Tulip rings, Callixto Snake ring, Callixto Habanico earrings , Callixto Momia necklace,


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