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Travel: Burning Man

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I am old.  Well maybe not old old, but I am no longer young.  The one thing I want to do before I become old old though is go to Burning Man.  I am not sure I will necessarily enjoy it, as spending 5 days without taking a shower does not fill me with joy.  But BY GOD if the pictures are anything to go by, I will sure as hell remember it!

All pictures by Trey Ratcliff via here

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  • Samantha de Kuyper

    Burning Man should be on everyone’s bucket list or as you said “to do before we’re old old”. I haven’t has the chance of going yet and I am also pretty sure it’s a challenge to be in the desert for 5 days but indeed it must be so impressive! I have a few friends who a “regulars” if you ever want some information and comments.

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