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Travel: Burning Man

Travel: Burning Man
I am old.  Well maybe not old old, but I am no longer young.  The one thing I want to do before I become old old though is go to Burning Man.  I am not sure I will necessarily enjoy it, as spending 5 days without taking a shower does not fill me with joy.  But BY GOD if the pictures are anything to go by, I will sure as hell remember it!

All pictures by Trey Ratcliff via here


Samantha de Kuyper

Burning Man should be on everyone’s bucket list or as you said “to do before we’re old old”. I haven’t has the chance of going yet and I am also pretty sure it’s a challenge to be in the desert for 5 days but indeed it must be so impressive! I have a few friends who a “regulars” if you ever want some information and comments.

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