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It started with India

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It started with a trip to India.  After having spent the last three years in a corporate office saving the world one M&A deal at a time, I decided to take some time off and go to Rajasthan with my mother.  While travelling, I picked up some beautiful pieces of jewellery.  When I returned to London dozens of people asked me where they could buy the jewellery I was wearing.  From those many questions and inquiries, Callixto was born.   On the Callixto website you will find jewellery that I have found while travelling and scouring markets and shops and factories all over the world.  On the Callixto blog you will find pictures of my travels and things that inspire me.

I hope you enjoy the experience of reading the blog as much as I have enjoyed travelling and looking for inspiration.

My first trip to India


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  • Shirlee Kay

    Absolutely beautiful site! Love the photos!

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