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Fashion: Pitti Uomo

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Its that time of the year again..  The dandy's are out in force in Florence for Pitti Uomo.   In previous blogs I have wondered: a) where these people hang out normally, and b) where do they shop?  I still don't know where they hang out but I think they all shop in either Japan or Italy.  I was in Tokyo over Easter, and saw some pretty incredible men's clothes.  A lot of it made in Italy.  Don't ask me where in Italy.  I also came across this Japanese brand called Okura that uses traditional Japanese materials and dye techniques to make modern clothes.  I promptly bought three Kendo jackets that the old Japanese firemen used to wear for my husband and brothers.  I am thinking of opening up a men's shop just so I have a reason to go to Pitti.  Have you noticed how happy all these men look?  They are all smiling and laughing the whole time. They know something we do not.  All the girls being photographed during Paris and New York fashion week look like sour pusses in comparison. Note to husband:  I told you electric blue was the way to go for your new suit.  Maybe now you will listen!


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