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Shopping Guide: The Boucherouite Rug

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I have been obsessed with the Moroccan rag rugs for a while now.  Seeing as I am decorating the Callixto showroom it became imperative I find the perfect one.  I have spent the last couple of weeks trawling the net and yesterday I was met with success.  I found a rug which is black and pink, the Callixto colours (the first picture below).  Seeing as I have spent the better part of two weeks on this endeavour I am sharing with you below the best online shops to buy Boucherouite rugs.  I know a trip to Morocco would be best but sometimes you have to make do with what you have got. - Boucherouite -  French website which has a very large selection.  Run by a Jean-Yves Sevestre who is very responsive on email. - Beldi Rugs - UK website which is very nicely laid out but the selection is not that large. - Fossik - Australia based website with a great costumer service.  I emailed them and asked them if they had anything rugs in pink tones that were not on the website and got a prompt response with over 10 rugs to choose from. - Bazaar Living - Great selection - Boutique Maroc - A better selection of Beni Ourain then Boucherouite but still worth a browse. - Pink Rug Co -  A better selection of Beni Ourain then Boucherouite but still worth a browse. - The Boucherouite Shop - A very nice selection of Azilal rugs - The Best of Rugs - A couple of Bouherouites, but some very cool vintage Kilims.  Maybe my next buy. BR2 BR3  BR5

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