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Men's Gift Guide

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Buying gifts for men has always been hard and buying gifts for my husband is getting harder every year.  I mean what does one get them?  Women are so easy.  Everything from jewellery, to clothes to spa days.  Men, not so much.  I have been banned from buying the Hubby any clothes because apparently I make him look like a Metro Euro Douche.  I am still not quite sure why that is a problem but the ban has seriously limited my choices.  I have been through a couple of men gift sights and there seems to be a lot of bottle opener choices.  Which I find strange.  What woman would give a man a "cool" bottle opener?  Thus inviting him to drink more not less?  Have done some preliminary research and below is what I have come across.  
The websites of choice so far are: 
  • Mr Porter - For luxe accessories. 
  • Gent Supply Co - For bits and bobs like the whiskey rock glass and ice balls and the cuff link travel kit
  • Private White - for amazing Jackets for those of you have not received the clothes ban yet.
  • Callixto - Money clip, cuff links and the belt are a new find from our latest Mexico trip. 
Men's Gift Guide

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