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Beauty: My Beauty and Makeup Routine

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Last year when I turned 31 my mother said to me, "It is time, you need to start using anti-ageing products." Depressing I know,  but I guess better to hear it from your mother than from anybody else.  She promptly made an appointment for me with John Gustafson the Guru of all things beauty, who very thoroughly changed my regime. Below is a list of my daily beauty products. 


Bliss Body Scrub - This scrub smells great and is sugar based so it SCRUBS. Who wants loads of dead skin anyway?


Murad Time Release Face Wash - Anti-ageing face wash.  I think it is doing its job, but its hard to tell. Will let you know in another 10 years.


Murad, Anti-Ageing Moisturiser - Of course with SPF 20.


Lush BIG Shampoo - I have always felt that my hair looks its best when I am by the ocean swimming in salt water.  I found this shampoo this summer made with sea salt.  It actually has large sea salt chunks which doubles up as a scalp scrub.  Try it, its pretty good.  


Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair - Yes my eyes have their own cream now for the nighttime. 


Bakel Cool Eyes -  For the daytime. 


Kiehl's Corrective Dark Spot Solution - For the areas that need a little more help.


Lush  Mint Juleps - This is a lip scrub.  Random I know but its great. You don't want dead skin around your lips either.


Chanel Mascara - My mascara of choice.


Eye Liner - For the day I am a kajal wearer.  At night I go for liquid eye liner.


Bobbi Brown Cover Up - My colour is Honey


Chanel Eye Shadow - I don't wear eye shadow often as I prefer to go with strong lips and I am a firm believer that it can only be one or the other.   When I do go for the eyes it tends to be the smokey look.   


Lipstick - Red Chanel at night, and Clinic Chubby Stick for day (my colour is Pudgy Peony).


Blush - I prefer blush on a stick, my stick of choice was Shiseido, but they have discontinued it the bastards. Trying the Bobbi Brown now.  It't not bad. 


A good place to buy all of the above is at  Awful website I know, but good prices and they deliver really quickly.  

Beauty and Makeup Routine

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