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Decor: Uzbekistani Ikat

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While in Istanbul last week, everywhere I went I saw these beautiful cushions made of Uzbekistani Ikat.   Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a dyeing process similar to tie-dye.  If you are like me and think tie-dye equals the three Hs (hippie, hemp and hash) think again, because these fabrics are really beautiful.  I looked into getting some cushions for Callixto but everything I found was ludicrously expensive.  At the top of the range was Yastik by Rifat Ozbek who has some really beautiful cushions but at 150 USD each I found it way to expensive.  I looked and looked but couldn't find anything that was reasonably priced.. and then....Lady Luck finally decided to give me a hand and I found this little hole in the wall that sold Ikat material by the meter.  Hurrah!  I have no idea where I will have the cushions made but it was a start at least!

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  • funmi

    Hi. In turkey at the moment. Came across your blog whilst looking for ikat cushions in istanbul. Could you kindly share the address of the store you found the fabric please.

    Funmi from Nigeria

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