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Travel: Cusco (Part 1)

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After 4 days,  5 flights, 4 books and 2 movies  I finally arrived in Cusco.  Having never been up Mount Everest (and not likely that I ever will) as far as I am concerned Cusco, at  3300 m is the roof of the world.  I didn't suffer from altitude sickness per se (I didn't throw up)  but definitely from altitude malaise (pounding heart, short breath, headaches).  I drank coca leaf tea (pictured)  like there was no tomorrow as it is supposed to help with altitude sickness but all it did was make me feel languid and lazy and my normal power walk through town was more a slothful stroll than anything else.  Luckily I found some amazing Tumi pendants on the first day and swiftly bought 15 of them for Callixto.



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